If you store sensitive data, you are probably subject to one or more standards or regulations. If you are out of compliance, you are at risk of significant fines and lawsuits, and even criminal prosecution.

Companies that store sensitive information – pertaining to finance, health care, and the personal data of patients, customers, and employees – can be subjected to auditing for compliance with various industry standards. Depending on the integrity of their information and the confidentiality standards of their database, the results of audits can make or break an organization. Hence, companies need a partner who can bring experts in PCI DSS,HIPPA, FDA 21, ISO 27001, SOX, and numerous other standards that industries have to comply with.

A Altruist Consult Database Vulnerability Assessment will identify all areas of non-conformance and provide the assistance you need towards regulatory compliance.

Compliance with standards and regulations involves many factors, both Technical and Non-Technical:

  • The existence, documentation, and distribution of policies and procedures.
  • How well these policies and procedures are understood and followed.
  • Technical and non-technical controls that facilitate the procedures and enforce the policies.